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A message from the President...

Throughout these unprecedented times, I have always been reminded of a quote from Sun Tzu, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” New beginnings are a chance to make things right and make things better. Heading into a new season may look and feel like chaos, but we must endeavour to not look at it from that point of view. We have all had the advantage of having taken a step back, now, we can all approach the future with a fresh perspective. We, as a club, must use this opportunity to improve our processes and direction, and look to build a stronger, more united club.

With new beginnings comes new successes!

Personally, I have been around Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club since 2010, when I first got involved as a supporter. Having taken a few years off playing due to injuries and studies, I resumed playing at MRSC in 2017 and was lucky to be a part of the promotion winning Senior Men’s team in 2019, which saw the Men jump from State League 3 to State League 2, where we currently ply our trade. I am deeply humbled, honoured and privileged to be leading this magnificent club into a happy and prosperous future. My ambitions are high, and what I hope to achieve in my tenure as President is as follows:

1. To create a clear and healthy pathway from juniors to seniors in both male and female areas.

2. Develop the club’s image as the biggest sporting club in the region.

3. Create more of a positive and family-friendly environment.

4. To leave the club in a stronger and more stable state than what it was before

The club would also like to announce the appointment of the new FV Senior Men’s Coach, Goran Runje.

Goran comes to us fresh off the back of a three year stint at Dandenong Thunder in the NPL system, where he was the Assistant Coach to the Seniors and managed their U21 team. His previous clubs that he has played and managed include Frankston City (when they had Martin Schivers and Martin Peters playing in 1980), Melbourne Knights, St Albans, Heatherton United and Cranbourne.

Goran brings to the club a wealth of knowledge and experience from leagues higher but also with a passion and desire for developing and nurturing young talent within the club. He hopes to build the club so that the senior side of the club is completely self-sustainable with no need to just be like every other club and “buy” a first team squad.

He is wanting to create a clear-cut pathway where juniors WANT to become seniors at Monbulk Rangers. Goran is easy-going and quite approachable, so if anyone has any questions, player or coaching related, he welcomes the chance to have a chat with him, but be warned, you’re going to need a solid 15 spare minutes, as he isn’t afraid to talk!

With a new committee, new Head Coach and new found drive to re-build our club post-covid, I for one am very much looking forward to what Season 2022 brings.

If you would like to contribute in anyway, whether it's filling a vacancy on the committee, or simply an idea, feel free to reach out. My email is

See you on the pitch!

Beau Newman


Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club

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